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boots (Shubizz) | dress (Victoria’s Secret) | white button down (from Greenhills) | tassel necklace (Bubbles) | rose ring (Khai Accessories, from Greenhills) | Victorian ring (Forever 21)

If you’re a follower of this blog, then you know I’ve been included as one of the five lucky finalists who made it to’s Search for Style Correspondent. The voting period has ended last week, and the winner is… *drumrolls* I don’t know. It hasn’t been announced yet. LOL. :))

Kidding aside, I’m honestly not expecting I’d get to bring home bacon. BUT, I’m extremely thankful to each and everyone who supported, voted, and even campaigned for me. It’s been a wonderful opportunity and I feel blessed beyond belief with all of you around me. Do you know that Mega Magazine tagged me as a fashion blogger? Hell yeah, it was surreal! I have never called myself that. I don’t want to be a self-proclaimed fashion whatever because I know I haven’t proven myself worthy of anything yet, so that’s pretty much the closest I’ve ever been to the mighty world of fashion. But hey, I’ll get there someday.

You see, a girl’s gotta keep dreaming! ;)

Thanks for the love!!! Sending you people virtual hugs and kisses! :) xx

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