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feather necklace (Artcessories) | black corset | trousers (Mango, borrowed from boyfriend) | platform pumps (Alice Viterbo shoes) | woven belt | gold cuff (Bubbles)

Photos by Mark Clemente

Never underestimate menswear. You’ll be surprised at how many great stuff you can borrow from your brother/dad/boyfriend’s wardrobe. I can attest to that because I always raid Mark’s closet for loose shirts and pullovers. Don’t you adore how menswear can make a woman look and feel effortlessly sexy?

Here’s what I wore last Sunday, and on me was a pair of trousers that’s actually my boyfriend’s. The waistline was way too big for me so I had to secure it with a belt, and then I folded the hems so it won’t look too long. It ended up looking like baggy military pants- just the way I want it!

I guess the key is to carry yourself with confidence. There’s really nothing to be conscious about. Trust me, the people won’t even notice that you’re wearing clothes that were originally made for men. So, next time you go shopping, why don’t you drop by the men’s section? ;)

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