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Marj Ramos fashion blog

camouflage shirt (Forever 21) | denim shorts (Folded & Hung) | nude pumps (Aldo) | brown slim belt | aviators (Charlie Apparel) | bag (Call It Spring) | rings (Forever 21) | gold watch (Casio) | spiked bracelet (Parfois)

Marj Ramos fashion blog

Marj Ramos fashion blog

Marj Ramos fashion blog

Marj Ramos fashion blog

Marj Ramos fashion blog

Marj Ramos fashion blog

Photos by Mark Clemente

I’m backkkk!!! Not with vengeance, of course, but with blonder hair and, err, probably a few extra pounds. ;)

I haven’t been blogging for such a long time that I honestly almost forgot my login password. I would say I’ve been busy after I started styling, but I guess there’s no need for excuses, is there? One day I woke up and all of a sudden multi-tasking seemed impossible. I gave up trying to juggle this and that and everything in between. But if there’s anything at all that I learned over the past few months, that’s that. Never give up on the things you love.

As human beings, I think it’s natural for us to be susceptible to exhaustion. But towards the end, what still counts is how you soldier on and keep going. The fashion industry is so big and overwhelming. It can drown you and turn you into someone you’re not. And I don’t want to be somebody else. Maybe I will always be a small town girl, but I don’t want to forget even the little things that are part of who I am. It’s necessary to find time for what you need to do, but I think it’s just as crucial to make time for what you love doing. And in my case, writing keeps me sane.

I hope you missed me, because I’m back for good. :) xx

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mullet dress (Jewels & Charms) | mustard neck-piece (House of Mu) | ring (EyesCandy) | cross necklace (Amientottie) | loafer boots (Forever 21)

Photos by Micah Ramos

I’m sorry for being on hiatus for the past week! I know there are no excuses, but it’s been a crazy and tough time for my family. I had to be a daughter first before anything else, so I had to be home in the province and sort out whatever has to be done. But now that I’m back, I first want to apologize to the sponsors who’ve been waiting patiently for outfit posts. I promise to catch up on all backlogs and try to blog more often in between fashion school and my day job. Haha!

Anyway, don’t you just love my title? LOL. I thought it would be perfect for this post since it was literally scorching hot that day! My sister is not exactly photography savvy so she had a hard time adjusting the ISO and the shutter speed and stuff in order to provide me shots where I’m not being eaten alive by the overwhelming sunlight. For starters, I think she did a pretty good job, don’t you think? :))

I got this mullet dress in the mail a few weeks ago and I was totally psyched. It was in the perfect mustard color, and I just love how asymmetrical skirts move as I walk. Especially in chiffon, it makes me feel like I’m at my most girly self. But I didn’t want to overdo the feminine part, so I opted to pair it with loafer boots instead of pumps to bring in some edge. There are so many ways to style a mullet skirt. Be cute or sassy or fierce, it depends on you! So again, don’t be afraid to express yourself.

*   *   *

Before I end this blog entry, here’s something on an entirely different note. I told you I’ve been going through my fair share of struggles in this world, so I want to share with you a random note to self that’s been holding me together. Just a thought to ponder on: Let go of the things that hurt. Don’t chase after it. Don’t hold on to it. Don’t even hate it. Because hatred is a dangerous thing; it turns you into a different person. So, let go. Just let it go.

Everyone is fighting their own battle, so be strong and look for the silver lining beneath it all. You’ll find your inner strength from the people who love you! Always remember that you are blessed. :)


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sequined top (Forever 21) | red wedges (The Fashion Dicshoenary) | earrings (Love Krizzy) | floral mullet skirt (Bakedmic’s Closet) | chain necklace (Amientottie) | gold cuff (Bubbles)

Photos by Micah Ramos

“I’m feeling sexy and free, like glitters raining on me.”

I’m sorry for the lame title, but don’t you just love this song by Jessie J? I do, I do! I’m not as musically-inclined compared to the other members of my family who are all big on talent, but I do know how to appreciate a good song. This one specifically, I really like the intro. I’ve been playing this song on repeat the whole day, and I’m obviously not over it. :)

Now here’s my feeling sexy and free look! I’ve gone hundred percent oriental with the choice of colors: red, gold, and black. This is my first time to wear a mullet skirt, which is actually funny because my previous post was about my first time wearing a sheer maxi skirt. Ah, so many firsts! I’d like to think that means I’m still continuously exploring my personal style. If you knew me five or six years ago, I couldn’t even properly pronounce Givenchy. Haha! But I guess that’s how this billion-dollar fashion industry earned its place. Personal evolution, curiosity, and self-discovery. Now I get style inspirations even from songs! :))

*   *   *

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms in the world! I really wish I can spend time with my mom too, but she’s currently in the Big Apple so I can only send her virtual hugs and kisses right now.

Ma, if you’re reading this, I love you so much! I’ve been blessed since the first second I came into this world because I have you to always look after me. I can thank you all my life but it still won’t be enough for all the love and sacrifices you’ve given for our family. I love you and I miss you everyday! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU, WONDERWOMAN! :’)

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Since print on print appears to be a big hit this season, I thought I should try experimenting and mixing two of the most popular prints in one ensemble. That said, this post will be about floral versus animal print. Which do you think will dominate? :)

floral bustier (Sparkle Couture) | leopard-printed skirt (Oasap) | necklace (Gurly Glam Shoppe) | nude wedges (Asianvogue Shop) | connector ring (Forever 21)

Photos by Mark Clemente

Floral is a closet staple for every woman. It is a common go-to piece most especially during summer and spring seasons. It feels light and feminine, and a girl can basically never go wrong with roses and daisies all over her garment. If you’re going for a sweet look, floral is most certainly your safest bet.

Animal print, on the other hand, takes more courage. It usually comes off with a bold statement, whether it’s zebra, leopard, tiger or snakeskin. This works for women with a rather strong personality. Animal prints may be fun, but it takes some guts to pull it off.

Now, here’s my take on floral and animal print together… You be the judge! Sweet or fierce? :) xx

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