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lace shorts (Oasap) | lace corset (Sparkle Couture) | silk blazer (Guess) | flower ring (Gurly Glam Shoppe) | shoes (So! Fab)

Photos by Micah Ramos

I have always been in love with lace. There is something about it that’s very romantic and feminine, and, in my opinion, besotting. It’s a classic closet staple that one shouldn’t hesitate investing on. For one reason, it never goes out of style.

However, wearing lace may be a bit tricky. As much as it can be dainty and sleek, it can also look tacky when overdone. So, here are some thoughts to ponder on if ever you decide to sport lace:

  • Less is more. If you’re a follower of this blog, you’ll notice that I am a big fan of accessorizing. I actually tend to excessorize, if you know what I mean. But for this look, I only went for a floral ring to keep it simple. If you’re sporting a lace ensemble, you might want to consider toning it down a notch. Lace is already chic as it is, so don’t go for an overkill.
  • Size matters. Layering lace may seem tricky if you’re not Kate Middleton, but Valentino already proved that this can be done. Wearing lace on lace is also like wearing print on print. You have to take into account the sizes and patterns so that they don’t end up clashing with each other. Try mixing fine lace with larger patterns.
  • Simplicity is beauty. I know, I know. It’s such a cliché it makes you cringe. But lace is something you wear in moderation, unless you want to look like you just came out of your grandmother’s collection of old curtains. So many celebrities have been spotted on the red carpet doing it all wrong, and they usually share one thing in common- overdoing it. So, keep it au naturale!

Lace can be vintage and modern at the same time, depending on how you choose to wear it. You can look delicate and pretty, or maybe play it sexy yet classy. Gone are the days when lace was made for lingerie alone. If you master the art of keeping it simple, wearing lace can be a no-brainer!

This is my take on a lace ensemble. How about you, how would you wear lace? :)

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lace shorts (Oasap) | floral top (self-made) | blazer (Kimberly Te) | peeptoe stilettos (Nine West) | pearl necklace (Forever 21) | silver watch (Guess) | pearl ring (Forever 21) | rose ring (Khai Accessories, from Greenhills)

I’m in love with this! Lace shorts from Oasap. <3

It has been a rollercoaster weekend! In fact, “rollercoaster” doesn’t even begin to explain how insane it was. But if you have friends as crazy as mine, I’m sure you can relate to this blog entry. :)

To start off, I was kidnapped- like literally! Err, no guns and ropes and duct tapes and all that… but you get what I mean. After my class at SoFA, I got a tweet from my friends that they are waiting for me along Jupiter street. (SoFA is located in Gil Puyat, Makati by the way!) Before I knew it, I was already inside the car heading to Batangas. It was my first trip to the beach this summer, and I was wearing heels for crying out loud! I don’t have clothes, no slippers, no sunscreen, no swimsuit- no nothing.

But at least I have my iPhone, so I was able to take outfit shots. HAHAHA. (Great segue!) I was in the mood for something girly, so here’s a sure way to achieve a dainty look: pink, pearls, laces, and florals. Oh, and polka dots! I think I looked somehow beach-ready, sans the blazer and heels of course. ;)

Now to end this post, I’ll share with you some of the photos from our Laiya escapade.

Sometimes, the best memories are those that were made spontaneously. Agree? <3

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