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high-waist shorts (Posh and Pretty) | loafer heels (Trunk Show) | sling bag (Mango) | floral corset | button-down shirt (from Piazza Bazaar) | wooden cross necklace | studded ring (Forever 21)

Sporting a print-on-print outfit which is relatively timely because I’m doing this article about digital fashion versus print. Wuhoo! :)

Because my topic moved me so much, this look is my tribute to every fashion magazine I worshipped ever since I was a little girl. I can still remember flipping through the pages of Meg and Candy most especially during February, usually in search for prom guides, tips and pegs. These glossy pages literally served as my style bible during high school and I can’t imagine going through my teenage years without it. I mean, can you imagine not having Candy by your side back when your first zit popped into your forehead? Man, that life would suck.

I chose to write about this for my fashion journalism class because I was inspired by Mega’s 20th anniversary issue, Print Is Not Dead (hence my title). I really poured my heart into writing this article, so I’m crossing my fingers that my teacher would find it positively amusing how I incorporated Miranda Priestly with almost anything that’s got something to do with a fashion magazine. LOL! :)) Though seriously, I did my best. Perhaps I can share with you the fruit of my labor soon… that is, if Ms. Lacar would give it a good grade. Haha! ;)

Happy weekend!!! :) xx

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