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Just a quick post because I’ve been receiving a lot of tweets and text messages, so I might as well blog about this too. If you happen to pass by Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Christmas traffic is so bad, spare a few seconds to check out Resorts World Manila’s billboard for Grand Fiesta Manila 2011. You can easily spot me and my big fat cheekbones posing as a choir member for a chorale competition advertisement.

In front of NAIA. Thank you Charles for giving me a copy, haha!

Close-up. Thanks for the photo, Pam! <3

Here's another one located at Isetann Mall in Recto. :)

I actually got dragged into this because they were initially looking for someone who looks like a high school student. If you ask me, in this photo, I looked like a narcissistic fifth grader with too much blush, probably undergoing puberty which explains the red lipstick. Kidding aside, you can also find my awkward face all over Resorts World Manila- in posters, glass stands, website (click here), and even on newspapers! And oh, I have a 2-second exposure on the tvc too! Neat, huh? :))

This isn’t an ad campaign for a clothing label, not even close to a glamorous shampoo commercial, but it’s not everyday that I see myself on a billboard and a tv commercial. So… allow me to faint!!!! :’D xx

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