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I feel blue

floral bustier (Sparkle Couture) | skirt (Cesa) | satchel (Cole Vintage) | shoes (AsianVogue)

Photos by Micah Ramos

Don’t mind the title. I am merely trying to be creative at an ungodly hour.

Time check: 5:15 AM. It’s too early to be typing anything in front of a computer, but I am not certain when I’ll ever find another time. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any busier juggling a previous job with a fashion course, today I find myself working for an industry where sleeping is a luxury. (Trust me, how I wish I’m only exaggerating.) I just came home from taping, and right now I only want to take advantage of whatever free time I have to update this blog. *Sigh* The things I do for love. :P

To start off, what’s been keeping me busy anyway? If the term stylist was never coined, I think I’d prefer to call myself a fashion slave, or better yet, a professional juggler. In what I do, fashion is the new carbs. It’s usually served for breakfast until dinner. If need be, midnight snack even. It’s an industry where size two is the new four. Despite the lack of time and sleep, the society expects you to dress well and do your makeup properly (or at the very least, choose the right shade of lipstick). Running in heels is also an art that needs to be mastered, so don’t think anyone will give a shit about your feet. No matter how painful, the sympathy vote goes to the shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not me complaining. I have always been the small town girl trying to break in to the big world of fashion. Every single day that I am overdosed with caffeine trying to stay awake, or drained from circling the mall while doing pull-outs, or about to pass out from carrying ridiculously heavy garment bags and accessory crates, I feel like I am one tiny step closer to getting there. I do have my moments when I’m about to cry, or about to give up, or an inch away from strangling somebody (lol), but this is when I try to think of all the reasons why I’ve held on to my dreams for so long.

And yet again, I realize the things I do for love. :) xx

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Since print on print appears to be a big hit this season, I thought I should try experimenting and mixing two of the most popular prints in one ensemble. That said, this post will be about floral versus animal print. Which do you think will dominate? :)

floral bustier (Sparkle Couture) | leopard-printed skirt (Oasap) | necklace (Gurly Glam Shoppe) | nude wedges (Asianvogue Shop) | connector ring (Forever 21)

Photos by Mark Clemente

Floral is a closet staple for every woman. It is a common go-to piece most especially during summer and spring seasons. It feels light and feminine, and a girl can basically never go wrong with roses and daisies all over her garment. If you’re going for a sweet look, floral is most certainly your safest bet.

Animal print, on the other hand, takes more courage. It usually comes off with a bold statement, whether it’s zebra, leopard, tiger or snakeskin. This works for women with a rather strong personality. Animal prints may be fun, but it takes some guts to pull it off.

Now, here’s my take on floral and animal print together… You be the judge! Sweet or fierce? :) xx

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Go for gold!

high-waist shorts (Posh and Pretty) | nude wedges (Asianvogue Shop) | sling bag (Mango) | sequined top (Forever 21) | seashell necklace (Yhansy Manila) | gold cuff (Bubbles) | fox ring (FBTL Manila) | studded ring (from Singapore) | charmed bracelet

These photos were shot last Sunday after we got back from Batangas. I changed clothes as fast as I could so that I can have my photos taken while the sun is still out. :)) I love the looks I end up with whenever I’m in a rush. The tendency is for me to just grab something out of the closet and not think twice about whether it will look good or not. The gold sequined top that I’m wearing is something that’s been with me for a few months now but I’ve never worn it until this outfit post. Mark gave it to me as one of his Christmas presents last December, and I loved it so much that I wanted to save it for a more special occasion. It’s gold, it’s sequined, and it sparkles! I can imagine my boyfriend grabbing it from Forever 21′s rack of clothes. He knows me too well. <3

Here’s one more thing that I love: Posh and Pretty’s gold-dusted, high-waist shorts! I was totally psyched when Tin texted me about sending me some of her items from Posh and Pretty Exclusives. I mean, her collections are always sold-out! Tin has this impeccable attention to details and I always, always fall head over heels in love with her designs. If you’re looking for dainty, sexy yet chic ensembles, be sure to add Posh and Pretty on Multiply. I assure you, it’s not called Posh and Pretty for nothing! ;)

Aside from the obvious fact that I’m wearing gold, there’s another reason for my title. I just recently found out that I’m one of the finalists for’s Search for Style Correspondent, and I really, really need your help! It’s gonna be a long shot for me to win this whole thing, but I want to give it my all because it’s not everyday that a small town girl like myself is given this kind of opportunity to break into the big world of fashion. Vote for me, please? :’)

Here are 2 ways to vote:

1. Follow @megastyleph on Twitter and tweet: “I vote Marj Ramos to be @megastyleph’s Style Correspondent!

2. If you don’t have a Twitter account (or if you do but you’re on private), you can simply leave a comment on’s article (click here) indicating that you’re voting for me! :D

Thank you so so so much!!! :D <3

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canvas bag (Louis Vuitton) | high-waist denim shorts (Love Trends) | wedges (Asianvogue Shop) | necklace (Aldo) | sheer vest (bazaar find) | nude corset | connector ring (Forever 21) | big rose ring (Forever 21) | small rose ring (Khai Accessories, from Greenhills)

Photos by Mark Clemente

I think I’m experiencing a déjà vu. This is exactly the same spot where I had my photos taken last week, and I’m wearing almost the same color palette. Ha ha! Okay, almost. Nude top and faded denim- but this time with a hint of gold. :)

I grabbed this sheer vest from the rack the very instant I laid my eyes on it. It has impeccable details impossible to miss- sequined shoulder pads and gold buttons. It was, well, love at first sight. But I didn’t want to look too formal so I completed this ensemble with high-waist denim shorts to balance it out.

I’ve been obsessing over this color lately. It’s like nude is the new black for me. It’s clean and classy and it goes well with anything… Speaking of nude, how do you like my wedges? ;) My Asianvogue giveaway will end on Saturday so don’t forget to join for a chance to win P1000 worth of gift certificate!

And by the way, in case you’re wondering why the title of this entry is Seven, I named it after the number of flowers I have on me in this look. In case you missed it, scroll up and count again! :P

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