Legally Sporty

jersey (boyfriend’s) | blazer (Love Trends) | suede pumps (Trunk Show) | studded high-waist shorts | belt | bangle (Bubbles) | connector ring (Forever 21) | love ring (Shop Dainty)

Photos by Micah Ramos

You know my least favorite subject since grade school? Physical Education. I’ve been terribly bad at sports for as long as I can remember. I have always tried my best to steer clear from any physical activity that requires running, or dribbling, catching and kicking balls. But during inescapable times, I’d usually end up making a fool out of myself. I swear I can’t kick balls to save my life.

And you know one more thing I hate next to it? Intramurals. Intramurals and that big lumpy jersey that elementary teachers would require the students to wear all week long. I honestly don’t know why, but even the XS never seemed to fit me just right. Not that I needed one, because if there’s anything at all that I’d be playing, it probably would have been Word Factory or Scrabble.

For this blog post though, I think my grade school teachers would be proud. I’ve never tried styling a sporty look before, but I thought it might be interesting giving it a go.

I may not know sports like the back of my hand, but I do know fashion. Soooo, this is as “sporty” as I can get! ;) xx

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  1. Olaosun’s avatar

    I think we should try snow bodrniag together:) *That* would be fun. On my list might also be a Kung Fu class, glass blowing, a cooking class (might falsely raise expectations though), and singing lessons. It’s like a bucket list. Love!



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