Winter Is Coming

cardigan (Sheinside) | floral corset and high waist shorts (Posh and Pretty) | loafer platforms (Trunk Show) | cross necklace (Quirkypedia) | peacock ring (Eastwood bazaar)

Photos by Mark Clemente

My title is obviously inspired by the Game of Thrones. Winter Is Coming, as you may know if you’re also a fan of the series, is the first episode of its first season. But don’t be deceived, it has little (or perhaps nothing at all) to do with my look! :P

I know it’s summer, but I just couldn’t resist the beauty of a lumpy, oversized cardigan. When I spotted this perfect shade of grey on Sheinside, I had no second thoughts. I knew I had to get it! You know how they say that a girl can never have enough of the good stuff? Well, that’s true for me. I’ve always wanted a comfortable sweater that could transform any look into something laidback but still exquisitely pretty.

I wore a floral corset paired with high waist shorts so that I won’t look too casual, but without the cardigan it might have appeared too provocative so I’m thankful for the cover-up which toned it down a notch. I specifically chose muted colors and body-hugging clothes to wear underneath the cardigan. For petite girls like myself, you wouldn’t want to look like you’re drowning under a pile of oversized garments, would you? Well, for what it’s worth, I don’t have much to flaunt. The least I can do is to try and be wary about my body shape when choosing what to wear. :)

Anyway, here’s a good news: If you liked my cardigan, you can also get yourself one and maybe lots of other pretty stuff at Sheinside- with a whooping 20% discount! All you have to do is click here and enter the coupon code: marj20 when you check out. This exclusive discount expires on May 15, so don’t forget to take advantage of it! They have a stunning selection of apparel that’s perfect for all seasons, and they ship worldwide FOR FREE.

So, what are you waiting for? Happy shopping, ladies! ;) xx

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