Another Boleyn Girl… NOT!

This is my first post of the week! It’s been busy, and it still is, actually. Swamped with school work because it’s finals week at SoFA, and I also have a day job for crying out loud. All that and everything else, but I don’t want to keep on ranting- so finally, an outfit post!!! :)

corset (Self-made) | midi skirt (Love Trends) | woven belt | seashell necklace (Yhansy Manila) | rose ring (Forever 21) | shoes (AsianVogue Shop)

Photos by Mark Clemente

I received this midi skirt from Love Trends a few weeks ago, and I was completely blown away! School girl meets Anne Boleyn in a vintage, stylish way. I felt like one of those posh and well-behaved women from Hollywood films on a medieval Victorian setting. They just sit down all day, having a cup of tea, knitting and sewing and constantly changing the flower arrangements. Now, how fancy would that life be?

I think I took this daydream too seriously. I ended up having my photos taken in a cupcake shop somewhere in Serendra, at Sonja’s Cupcakes to be exact. I was suprised at how cozy and dainty the place looks like. If I were to direct an Audrey Hepburn film, this would make a perfect location for a tea party. Heehee!

Anyhow, going back, All That Glitters is collaborating with Love Trends to bring you something special this summer, so you must watch out for our lovely surprise! More details will be posted soon. For now, don’t forget to LIKE Love Trends on Facebook! :)

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P.S. A quick shout out to my awesome sponsors who sent me equally awesome stuff during the previous weeks. Thank you Gurly Glam Shoppe, Love Krizzy, Oasap and Sparkle Couture!!! :) If you’re following me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you might have already seen a glimpse of their fabulous items. Trust me, they’re sooo much prettier in actual! So excited for new outfit posts! <3

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  1. joyce’s avatar

    love the whole concept! :)



    1. Marj Ramos

      Thank you, Joyce! :)


    2. compositionzerotwo’s avatar

      I love this mixture, really unquie clothing !!
      I like it so much, and the photos are very very beautiful!

      Composition Two


      1. Marj Ramos

        That’s so nice of you to say. Thanks a lot! :D



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