Kawaii Saturday

hot pink bandeau (Her Bench) | denim shorts (from Greenhills) | sheer sleeveless top | shoes (Asianvogue Shop) | bib necklace (Sugar-Kissed) | pink belt worn as bracelet | beaded bracelet | messenger bag (Lacoste) | ring (Forever 21)

Photos by Mark Clemente

Can you feel how extremely hot the weather is lately? Well, brace yourselves because it appears that summer has finally come! To welcome my favorite season of the year (and to combat the heat), I wore a sheer sleeveless top paired with denim shorts and a floral bib necklace (Thanks to the very talented Christianne of Sugar-Kissed, btw!). Bright colors are always the safest bet when staying in style during summer. And oh, did you notice the belt I wore as a bracelet? Loving how quirky it made me feel. :)

On another bright note, I am totally in love with my shoes. This shade of blue is perfect for a colorful, happy look. Why not get your own pair from Asianvogue Shop? Or better yet, join my blog giveaway and win P1000 worth of gift certificate. ;)

And finally, here’s a friendly reminder. Don’t forget to stock up on skincare products with SPF! The scorching sun can literally burn your skin- it’s crazy and it’s unhealthy!

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend! <3

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  1. daphne’s avatar

    I love your shoes!!! Too bad Asianvogue doesn’t sell them anymore. :(


    1. Marj Ramos

      Thank you, Daphne! Yeah, read that it’s sold out already. Pero they have so many more new designs I can’t choose which to go for next haha! :))



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